BBC Documentary Investigates Online Dating Scams

The documentary, with reporting by Richard Bilton, details the criminal lack of preparation for the pandemic reported by workers in the National Health Service NHS and public health experts. More than half of these items are surgical gloves, with each individual glove counted as a separate piece of PPE in most cases. Its investigation found that the whole Mid and South Essex NHS trust, which runs several community hospitals and three major hospitals including Southend, received just protective medical gowns in the five weeks before the nurse was hospitalised. This is less than 10 a day. We might ask for 10, gowns and instead be sent 5, aprons. A video taken by a nurse shows boxes of out-of-date masks he and his colleagues are expected to use, some of which expired in Health workers in General Practice surgeries are told they only need plastic aprons and basic surgical masks.

Online Dating Exposed: Panorama Investigation Reveals Data Sold And Pseudo Accounts

The privacy watchdog is investigating the online dating industry after claims that personal data was being sold to bolster sites’ numbers. The Information Commission launched the probe after the BBC’s Panorama programme purchased 10, people’s details , including dates of birth and sexual preferences. In its investigation into the murkier side of the booming internet dating industry, Panorama also spoke to a whistleblower who claimed staff created ‘pseudo identities’ to con customers into thinking they were being contacted by genuine admirers.

Spain or wherever it may be.

A BBC Panorama episode about undercover journalist Mazher Mahmood with up​-to-date images of the ”Fake Sheikh” was not broadcast.

The UK refused to deliver the tanks to the new regime, but also failed to return the money, leading to a longstanding rift between the two countries that is subject to ongoing legal battles. Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who worked as a project manager for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, has suggested that Iranian authorities had admitted to her that her release would depend on money from the failed tank deal being returned to Tehran. Zaghari-Ratcliffe was arrested in Iran at Imam Khomenei International Airport on April 3, , while traveling to London, accompanied by her young daughter.

Earlier this year, she was temporarily released from Evin Prison, north of Tehran, to stay under house arrest with her parents as part of a furlough program to halt the spread of COVID in the country. Mohammed Al-Sulami. Short Url. Updated 24 August British-Iranian charity worker could face fresh charges when her sentence is completed, husband claims BBC documentary alleges Iran uses hostages in attempt to claim unpaid debt. Follow arabnews. Opinion This section contains relevant reference points, placed in Opinion field.

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The operator of a residential hospital has apologised and suspended 13 staff members following allegations that carers routinely abused vulnerable adults with learning difficulties. The secret recordings, filmed between February and March this year, appear to show carers punching and slapping vulnerable adults, dousing them in cold water, and pinning them to the ground with chairs.

Thirteen members of staff including two managers have been suspended and three men and one woman had been arrested by Avon and Somerset police, according to the BBC.

Panorama is a British current affairs documentary programme aired on BBC Television. A series of Panorama Transcripts, dating between –, are housed at the British Library. The papers can Online services. BBC News Online.

You can register a free account and get 10 FREE premium articles a month. To reset your password, please enter your email address in the box below and we will send you an email with a few steps to reset your password and get you back onto your account. The Government of Gibraltar will introduce stricter measures as from tomorrow to help stem the spread of Covid, including the mandatory wearing of face masks in all covered public places.

Germany has issued a travel warning for Gibraltar due to rising coronavirus infections, the foreign ministry in Berlin said on Wednesday. The Opposition has called on the Government to make a full public statement on the issue. It follows the tests carried out The Gibraltar Chronicle publishes six editions a week, daily except on Sundays, with a range of news, analysis and opinion on issues of importance to Gibraltar. The EU target for early vaccinations is twice as high as the goal

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While it would be inappropriate to pre-judge potential outcomes, SEPA will fully investigate suggestions of alleged industry wrongdoing made by BBC Panorama. SEPA is unable to comment further on its current audit and unannounced inspection programme underway at present. In addition to continuous review of data from a variety of sources and conducting enhanced environmental monitoring, officers are engaged in a programme of unannounced visits to confirm compliance with regulatory requirements.

Scotland is the largest Atlantic salmon aquaculture producer in the European Union and third in the world after Norway and Chile. Scottish salmon farm medicine is significantly impacting local marine environments.

BBC One Panorama’s “The Forgotten Frontline”: “Social care has had to fight every step of the way for parity with the NHS throughout this crisis”.

Missing out on vital care and being pushed to the back of the queue for life-saving treatment are concerning the 1. The BBC TV Panorama documentary team has spoken with people including cancer patients and those with compromised immune systems about their biggest fears amid the pandemic. Nic Murray was diagnosed with terminal Stage 4 bowel cancer a year ago and is currently self-isolating with his wife Danielle, and two-year-old son, Ezra.

His chemotherapy has been stopped for the next three months because it increases his risk of catching coronavirus. Recently published ethical guidelines suggest terminally ill patients may be treated as low priority as health services concentrate on dealing with coronavirus cases. He believes this is because only one million out of the 1. He is living with his mother, Fiona, in their family home whilst his older siblings have gone to stay with grandparents.

His father is living in a caravan at the bottom of the garden so he can go and get food and medicine. Coronavirus cases in the UK.


As controversy over Israel’s blockade of Gaza still rages, Jane Corbin asks what really happened on the Mavi Marmara, when Israeli commandos seized the ship and nine people died. Their weapons are firebombs and spray cans, and they have been branded Jewish terrorists; Panorama has exclusive access to the so-called Price Taggers, the Israeli teenagers who have sworn never to How safe is our money when the banks are going out of business?

The program follows the fall of the Lehman Brothers and Bank of Scotland.

Date and time of the alleged incident. Fuller details here. See also this article on the website OffGuardian and.

A documentary exploring the failures which led to a young woman’s suicide will be aired on television tonight. Originally from Chatham, she had been sectioned into a mental health centre after a friend told her mother, Sarah Lewis, that she intended to take her own life. A two-week inquest in Maidstone in November ruled her death was suicide, contributed by neglect.

Now, Ms Lewis’ family will try to understand what went wrong as their much-loved daughter and sister fell through the cracks of an understaffed and overstretched system. Those close to her believe, that it was one of the only places where she felt at ease, free from her inner turmoil. Wildwood Trust director general, Paul Whitfield, said: “We feel deeply sorry for the family and for their loss of a bright young mind. Nature has an innate ability to heal humans. Listings service brought to you by KentOnline for local businesses who are offering services during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus is devastating families across the country. Here we pay tribute to those who have died from the virus in Kent. Show customers your current service status during the Coronavirus pandemic on our Open for Business Directory. The Compassionate Community Awards recognise and celebrate the work of unsung heroes from across the borough of Maidstone.

Tainted Love: Secrets of the Dating Game

How consumers are being sold to is changing as social media influencers have changed the way users connect with brands and also how companies promote products. Reporter Catrin Nye wanted to know whether companies are being up front when working with social media influencers and how this impacts consumers. However, several companies and influencers within the industry have criticised the BBC as the minute documentary focused on the darker side of influencer marketing.

She is calling on the government to introduce a legally enforceable measure to force them to take more responsibility.

Photo by Free Nazanin Campaign: Nazanin pictured in her parents’ house in Tehran during her most recent furlough. Date: 25/08/ Tags. Press release.

By Monica Greep For Mailonline. The coaches, who are in their late twenties, are part of a group called Street Attraction, which attempts to teach men how to pick up girls, and secretly film their encounters before posting the footage online. Undercover journalist Myles Bonnar was taught how to approach women in the street to pick them up – and was told it ‘doesn’t matter’ if girls are ‘underage, it’s not illegal to stop someone’ pictured left, meeting Beth, who was approached in the street by a ‘pick up’ artist.

However Myles is adamant, insisting: ‘I don’t know she seems to young, not for me’. After the group move on, they revisit the incident – with the coaches telling Myles that even if he thinks a girl looks underage, he shouldn’t tell her she looks young in case it puts her off him. A coach says: ‘With ones that you think are young like before, it’s better to assume she’s older – even if she’s younger.

Catfish: The Billion Pound Romance Scam

Three month supplies of slimming pills issued to former anorexic patient after cursory consultation with Romanian GP contracted by UK site. Investigation also discovers leading mesh product only tested in 31 women — and on sheep. Long reads.

Denies any wrongdoing. Top fund manager Denning quits Capital Group after BBC Panorama investigation. David Brenchley; 21 October

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BBC was wrong to single out Apple in Panorama investigation

Darragh MacIntyre meets the families of British people arbitrarily detained in Iran. What the coronavirus lockdown meant for those trapped with an abusive partner. The way we eat is changing — and the way we shop for our food is too. Stacey Dooley sees how the pandemic is changing the way we deal with pregnancy and birth.

Top fund manager Denning quits Capital Group after BBC Panorama investigation. ‘Serious conflict of interest’. Denning quit Capital Group just.

The deliberate cruelty against children was one of the most upsetting things I have seen in this country. Shocking also was the institutionalised fraud being perpetrated to cover up that abuse. The children in Medway must be found other places within the next few days because this institution is rotten to the core. The contract should then be rescinded. It has been paid to look after children and it has failed. The Howard League has warned for years about the systemic problems in secure training centres.

The centres were introduced in the late s alongside the Detention and Training Order, a short prison sentence for children followed by supervision in the community. Over the years we have seen enough problems at the secure training centres to confirm that they are failed institutions for a failed sentence.

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Which is the more professional broadcaster when it comes to investigative reporting — the BBC or Al Jazeera? In January Al Jazeera broadcast an explosive four-part series called The Lobby. Panorama examined claims that anti-Semitism was causing widespread dismay among Jewish members of the Labour Party and that Jeremy Corbyn had not done enough to root it out.

In October Ofcom rejected complaints that the Al Jazeera series breached its impartiality rules. So far 18 of these have now asked Ofcom to examine the issue.

But after that date Ofcom, which has always (under various incarnations) regulated ITV and Channel 4, became the BBC’s watchdog. Ofcom is the.

First broadcast in , it is the world’s longest-running news television programme. As of [update] , it still retains a peak time transmission slot on BBC One , but without a regular presenter. Panorama was launched on 11 November by the BBC ; it emphasises investigative journalism. Daily Mail reporter Pat Murphy was the original presenter, [2] who only lasted one episode after accidentally broadcasting a technical mishap. Max Robertson then took over for a year. The programme originally had a magazine format and included arts features.

Richard Dimbleby took over in and presented the show until his death in His son, David Dimbleby , later presented the programme from 11 November — the 21st anniversary of the show. On 13 December , it was announced that the programme would be relaunched during the new year with no regular presenter. Panorama set an example for the German magazine series of the same name, [3] which is produced by Norddeutscher Rundfunk , and broadcast by Das Erste.