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Questa illusoria meraviglia, tuttavia, nascondeva una mortale trappola senza precedenti: i Abbiamo provato a lungo la versione per l’attuale ammiraglia Sony e di seguito vi illustriamo le nostre considerazioni sul tanto atteso Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization. Partiamo con ordine ed esaminiamo il combat system. Fra gli altri ordini impartibili, trovano posto l’immancabile comando Switch ed i Complimenti, una funzione presente solo nei primissimi giochi della serie. Compiendo gesti esagerati, tuttavia, l’umore dell’NPC potrebbe colare a picco e darci l’effetto contrario; qualora invece il tempismo sia giunto, i sentimenti dell’amico cambieranno e saranno indicati in alto a destra dello schermo. A ragion veduta, quasi avremmo preferito che il gioco non venisse localizzato affatto.

Fast Dating and Bedroom Strategy | Hollow Fragment

Sword Art Online is one of the most popular anime shows currently running. Based on a light novel series, the show’s original premise explored online gaming culture in a near future, where thousands of players of a virtual reality MMO find themselves trapped within the game. In that first arc, the show explored the idea of guilds, player killing, and dungeon diving in a world where doing those things would actually get you killed.

The story’s focus is Kazuto Kirigaya, known simply as Kirito in the game, one of the early beta testers who uses his knowledge to help others as the Black Swordsman.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization also has wait for it dating sim mechanics! No, really, it does. This game features over potential.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization will release in October in Japan with a Fall North American release window, and Bandai Namco has released new information and screenshots of what fans can expect in the latest game. Argo made herself a name in Sword Art Online as an information broker. She participates in the beta testing of Sword Art: Origin, and will also be around to help out Kirito and friends as well in the upcoming adventure. A new emotion system is being implemented in Hollow Realization.

Depending on how conversations and battles go, each character with have emotional statuses displayed and can affect their abilities. Each character has a particular emotion that reflect their personalities. Leafa is kind, thoughtful, passionate and a bit of a crybaby.

‘Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization’ Features: Emotion System And Dating Scenes Added

Skip to Content. The fighting mechanics are highly complex, and tutorials appear far too slowly, leaving you playing for an hour or more wondering what you’re missing. There are many menus with a lot of options. The game retains the Japanese controls, which swap the role of the X and the circle button on the device, which is difficult to get used to.

Sep 20, , Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Season Pass Honestly I don’t really understand this crappy dating system and the fact.

Jump to navigation. It started with. Instead of climbing a gigantic story tower, Sword Art: Origin plays it safe and has you completing more traditional MMO quests, like wandering through a forest and killing around seventeen thousand disposable enemies for their drops. Its combat is fast, furious, and technical. The game makes you feel like an overleveled, overpowered, min-maxed anime protagonist, which is appropriate considering the subject matter.

But the rest of the mechanics are committed to creating a facsimile of an online game. Most of your special abilities are cooldown-based and are spread out in a grid at the bottom of the screen. Characters use SP to fuel some of them, and chug potions or rely on innate regeneration to restore it. Cooldowns can last for minutes at a time for your most devastating abilities, while more common abilities seem to be an endless array of buffs and debuffs that you always want to keep stacked.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

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Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization seems an apt subtitle for this game, Outside of combat, relationship building comes in the form of dating.

It is the second video game in the series, the first being Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment , the content of which is included in Hollow Fragment. The game has over recruitable characters which can be chosen to accompany the player in the game’s dungeons. The game takes place in the same continuity as the prior game in the series, Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment , which exists in an alternate storyline from the Sword Art Online anime storyline. The player controls the main character Kirito , who has been trapped in the titular virtual reality MMORPG where dying in the game will lead to his death in real life as well.

The game sold , physical retail copies within the first week of release in Japan, topping the Japanese software sales charts for that week, [31] slightly outselling its predecessor, Infinity Moment , which sold , copies. Of these, approximately 90, copies were sold in Asia, and 70, copies were sold in North America. Following its release in the west, the game received mixed reviews.

It has a score of 67 out of on Metacritic.


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‘Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization’ Features: Emotion System And Dating Scenes Added. By Phillip Martinez @Phill_Martinez 08/12/ Email · Facebook.

Hollow Fragment does neither of these things, instead following an alternative continuity based after the events of the fourteenth episode of the anime that veers off in new directions. Hollow Fragment splinters off just before this part and imagines that a strange virus hit just before Kirito beat Kayaba and as such the players have to clear the remaining 25 floors to free themselves.

The actual story beyond this is fairly interesting — at least once it gets going. That is, when the game lets you. A lot of your time in Hollow Fragment will be spend in mundane conversations involving clearing floors to reach the top level of Aincrad. While there can be some interesting character development in these parts, the majority of the time is spent in weird pandering chats — SAO is undoubtedly a harem anime and a large chunk of the game is spent flirting with the many, many women who want Kirito.

Which is a shame, because the world constructed here is both faithful to the anime and fantastic in general. Each area is quite well crafted too and at times I was reminded of my experience of playing World of Warcraft and running through a variety of different zones, meaning Hollow Fragment really does succeed at bringing its source material to life. The environments are arguably the best and worst aspect of the presentation, which has to do with how the game was made.

The new content created specifically for Hollow Fragment is gorgeous — the whole of the Hollow Area is full of sweeping vistas with gorgeous views; green fields that extend outwards into the skyline and ancient ruins overgrown with flora and fauna. Soundtrack highlight — Abandoned Area Theme. That said, each floor you spawn on is fairly linear — the zones are fairly small and generally have only one route through, with the odd hidden cave or tunnel with a bonus monster along the way.

This brings me on to the combat system which is very unique in its implementation.

Preview: Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization—Offline online, online

Mixed or average reviews – based on 34 Critic Reviews What’s this? Generally favorable reviews – based on 92 Ratings. See all 34 Critic Reviews. See all 22 User Reviews.

: SWORD ART ONLINE: Alicization Lycoris – PlayStation 4: Bandai Namco Games Amer, Namco: Video Games. Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition. Bandai Date First Available, April 1,

A solo player who continues to fight in “SAO” which has transformed to a death game. He has the feminin visage and the skinny silhouette but his fight skill is in the top class. He meets a mysterious girl in the new area called “Hollow Area”. Her nickname is “Flash” due to her delicate sword skill. She is graceful but has a backbone.

A girl who slipped into “Sword Art Online” under “certain circumstances”. A rumor runs that she is a mysterious fairy because of the small wings on her back…. A weapon smith girl. Asuna is her best friend. She is both a weapon smith and a mace expert Master Macer. Skip to main content. Search Search. Discover all the games.

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The game was released on April 24, in Japan. The game has sold approximately , copies worldwide [9] , including 70, downloads in North America, making it the number one Vita download in that region for [10]. It was the tenth-best-selling Vita download on the EU PlayStation Store for [12] , and the fifth-best-selling Vita download in that same region for [13].

Hi to all. ːss13okːːcybereyeː So i’m trying to get all of the CG’s for % Achievements, & i’ve been reading a lot of guides about dating.

Before dying Kayaba uploads The Seed on the internet which is a program that develops a virtual world. Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. She is bold to act on her own and likes taking matters into her own authority from time to time. The player can control the game with a NerveGear. Here she was the subleader of the Knights Of The Blood and she got such a name because of her outstanding skills with the rapier. He talks very rudely with Lisbeth and Sinon and enjoys angering people or involving himself in a duel.

After losing the duel with Kirito he commits suicide by downloading his own consciousness. Dieser Inhalt ist fuumlr internationale Besucher verfuumlgbar. She has dark brown eyes and brown hair. Une version adapteacutee de ce contenu est disponible pour notre public international. He is very skilful and talented but was never found having an arrogance about this quality of his. Theres a common assumption that Maid Sama is just another typical romcom anime. It is quite a recurring theme which doesnt really seem to have a clear purpose.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Review (PS4)

Re: Hollow Fragment extends this with new additions that include a new online multiplayer game mode to further enhance the Pseudo-MMO experience, additional bosses, and the ability to create a female avatar. SAO fans will find this to be a satisfying, although not perfect, addition to the franchise. Sword Art Online follows a community of players trapped in a VR MMO who must complete the levels of the game or defeat the system creator, who plays the avatar Heathcliff, in order to earn freedom.

Release Date: November 8, Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, unfortunately, is just that: a hollow fragment of an otherwise.

A brand new story created under the watchful eye of the original author of Sword Art Online novels, Reki Kawahara. Dense, highly-detailed and dynamic environment will welcome you into a rich adventure. The setting, and your journey through this world, will continue to evolve as you explore this new virtual universe. Comprehensive RPG gameplay perfectly matched with strong action elements.

Approach monsters and characters head on as you charge through this new adventure and compelling story. Experience the intense battles of Sword Art Online with explosive, rewarding attacks. The season pass will also include exclusive costumes for female characters including a Wedding Dress, Navy Swimwear, and White Swimwear, only available in the Season Pass! Kirito receives a single mysterious message – a cryptic “I’m back to Aincrad” – and is drawn once again into a familiar world in which he was once trapped.

However this game is not quite the same one he escaped years ago. Also on Buy Download. Game Overview. The most ambitious SAO game created to date! Back to its origins: A brand new story created under the watchful eye of the original author of Sword Art Online novels, Reki Kawahara. An SAO world to immerse yourself in: Dense, highly-detailed and dynamic environment will welcome you into a rich adventure.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – PS VITA Walkthrough 252 – Silica Ending – Sleeping With Kirito