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Clash Royale is one of the most influential mobile games of the past two years. For many developers this game has been a go-to source for inspiration and solutions. Large scale adaptions are also common. We have seen the core economy of Clash Royale almost entirely replicated in dozens of free-to-play games. I recently took the balancing of Clash Royale for a spin to see how this economy is designed. The aspect of maintenance and game evolution was of particular interest. I have listed four of the key takeaways below. The spreadsheet used in the process is attached at the end of the post.

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A timeline of updates for Clash of Clans. Cost reductions for a number of Home Village upgrades (Troops, Spells, Traps, In the Legend League, the layout cooldown calculation will now take into account how much matchmaking time is.

Welcome to our Clash of Clans update hub! Even after 6 years, fans can expect a new Clash of Clans update each month! It introduces Fortnite-style season passes with truly enticing rewards, including 20 percent boosts for building, research, and troop training speeds. All you need to do is complete daily and monthly challenges to gain challenge points and collect your rewards. At the end of the season you can collect a huge amount of resources from the new Season Bank.

Players who make it to the very top of the reward structure will receive a hero skin for the Barbarian King. Supercell has promised to add more skins with each update, so soon enough the other heroes will receive their own blinged out treatment. Despite the nerf in the previous Clash of Clans update, the Bat Spell still remained too powerful in comparison to other spell choices. The number of Bats spawned has been reduced again and their first attack delay is longer.

Clash of Clans January Bat Spell balancing patch notes. It looks like the December Clash of Clans update might have needed a bit more tweaking before being released, as the development team has released a balance update just two days after the big one hit.

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Now with Town Hall 13 content: Layouts, Royal Champion and Giga Inferno! * Welcome home Clashers! Take your skills to the next level with the most complete.

Have you ever thought about or actually bought a Shield in Clash of Clans? Very rarely do I ever hear of anyone doing this. Your Shield is a great protection and it will prevent anybody from being able to attack your Village. When we search for a Village and attack it, we have to give up a part of our Shield. Each attack during a Shield results in a 1 hour increase to the attack cost thanks Gabriel for pointing that out :. If you add multiple Shields, the time will stack.

This means you can only attack a limited number of times before your Shield runs out and your Village is put back in the matchmaking system for greedy attackers to find. Before that happens, depending on the current League, you will get a Village Guard that still protects your Village and lets you attack without attack cost. Before December , we broke our Shield completely when we searched for a Village to attack. But we could buy Shields in the shop and they had different durations:.

It would be pretty useless to just calculate the amount of theoretical attacks a player can do within the Shield time.

Coc war matchmaking algorithm

Hi again Chief! When we posted the new Game Economy changes, many astute observers noticed the changes to the Witch levels starting at TH The new stats can be found below:.

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Clash of Clans update: Season passes bring huge rewards in April update

Taken a break from the game and wondering what has changed while you were away or curious as to when changes were introduced? Check a summarised timeline of key changes for updates below. Is there some incorrect information or a mistake? This web site is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell. Use of the trademarks and other intellectual property of Supercell is subject to Supercell’s Fan Kit Agreement.

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Balancing an Evolving Game: Case Clash Royale

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NEW UPDATE: Engineered Bases Are FINALLY DEAD!